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Tu Es Who You Say You Es?

Sluggish Warrior (Wiggling Finger Style)
My Love, My Pain, My Energy, My Confusion, My Hatred, My Joy, My Sorrow, My Curse...

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User Number: 3501202
Date Created:2004-06-16
Number of Posts: 172

Pikmin, an army of many, just don't get their way or else you will be pounded on :D
Strengths: Flowerhead, multiple friends, lightweight, hypnotic eyes, grappling hands, obedient ^_^
Weaknesses: Easy to throw, weak alone, slow if a leaf, stuck in the ground at birth
Special Skills: Massive charge, head-bangers, growth
Weapons: Their head-tips
Favorites: Favorite things

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Flying through the Milky Way.
BoA is Every Heart's Love.

Top 5 Favorite BoA tracks:
1. Milky Way/Kimi No Uta
2. So Much In Love
3. Easy To Be Hard
4. Pit-a-Pat
5. Sunshine

Simple and Clean.
Utada Hikaru is Japaneezy Love.

Top 5 Favorite Utada tracks:
1. Simple and Clean/Hikari
2. Colors
3. Wait and See
4. Keep Tryin'
5. First Love

Dancing attraction.
DDR is Up Beat Love.

Stig fast!
Stig is Speedy Love

Shoot first. Ask 
questions later.
The Turks are Professional Assassin Love.

Natural Attraction.
Natsumi and Corporal Giroro are Vicious Love.

Poisonous Speed.
Viper is Fast Love.

Final Fantasy VIII.
Final Fantasy VIII is Eyes On Love.

Angelo Wings
Rinoa is Angelic Love.

Madness Overactive
Pinnatas are Whacking Love.

Dark Beauty
????? is Dark Love.

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my pet!

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